Our Mission

We transform (repurpose) vintage Japanese fabric into limited edition, wearable works of art.

If you are searching for a unique gift -- bridal, graduation, birthday or a holiday surprise -- this is the right place!

Please tell your friends, family and co-workers about us.  Thank you for visiting.

Kathleen Gura, ObiCreations

What customers Are Saying About Us

  • "Beautiful ... I can’t carry mine without someone asking “Where did you get your purse?”
    - Linda A., San Antonio
  • "Meticulously made, the attention to detail - inside and out - is exceptional."
    - Janet H., Martha's Vineyard
  • "My kisslock is my new favorite."
    - Katie M., Chicago
  • "Love my ObiCreations purse ... Quality is exceptional .. it's the perfect size."
    - Barb G., Tampa